Why is Kendal Jenna the only normal person in Kardashian’s family?
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Why is Kendal Jenna the only normal person in Kardashian’s family?
Why is Kendal Jenna the only normal person in Kardashians family?
The Why is Kendal Jenna the only normal person in Kardashian’s family? family has a high status in the history of reality shows in the United States. Over the years, fans have been looking forward to the various entertainment topics of the Kardashian family.
Whether the Kardashian family is a celebrity family or a net red family, the girls are really famous, even if they are hated by some.
But in such a family that always involved in indecent photos, unmarried pregnancies and depression, there is an except: Kendall Jenna.
Then why is Kendall Jenna the most normal person in their family?
1 Kendall Jenna does not put love in the spotlight
All kinds of gossip tabloids of foreign media have said that Kendall Jenner has already dated many Hollywood stars including Nick Jonas, Michael B. Jordan and even Orlando Bloom. But unlike her brothers and sisters Kim Kardashian, Kohler, Courtney, Kelly and Rob, Ken is the last thing she wants to do is to show her love to everyone, this is the Kardashian family. The members are simply unheard of!
You should know that Kardashians money-making channels are based on the reality show Walking with Kardashian Sisters at home, and the reality show is to collect money to show your private life to everyone. It is really not easy to have a little private life in such a family and environment.
2 Kendall Jenna has no enemies in the celebrity world
The spotlights in Hollywood have never been far from the Kardashian family. They also have many enemies who are also star celebrities. It is exaggerated to say that the feud is not overdone.
Kelly and her ex-boyfriend's predecessor, Blac Chyna, rip open, Kohler is on the side of the fire, Kim and Amber Rose have big grievances, because Amber is her husband's ex-girlfriend and so on.
There will definitely be a lot of stars who will complain to the Kardashian family in the future! It is true that Kendall Jenner is never at the center of the controversy. Some of the gossip about Kendall Jenna is the most recent disagreement between her and her sister.
Considering that the basics of the Kardashian family live under the lens every day, it is not easy to do this!
3 Kendall Jenna is the only Kardashian who has no obvious cosmetic marks
When fans talk about the Kardashian family, most of them will guess that this family is really a lottery in the gene? Or is it relying on cosmetic surgery?
The rumors that Kim Kardashians buttocks are true or false have never ceased to be circulated, and the truth may only be known to their own families. Like Kelly, I finally admitted that I had a lip injection, but I could never get rid of the label of lying.
It is Kendall Jenner, who avoided the cosmetic surgery. Many people will compare the photos of former Kendall Jenner and say that Kendall Jenna has had surgery.
It is important to know that Kendall Jenner is a contract model. There are strict rules in the contract for such models. Avoid filling or Botox, and any other surgery that may affect or distort her natural beauty.
Therefore, for her career, Kendall Jenner is unlikely to follow the footsteps of other sisters to rely on the lineup to give their own beauty points. I believe this is not difficult to understand.
4 She is not affected by other brothers and sisters
What do the Katherine familys brothers and sisters do most in front of the camera? It is the family who quarrels with each other and quarrels with outsiders. When they dont quarrel, they talk to each other about feelings and love. After chatting, they will desperately send some private photos. Apart from this model, there is basically nothing else. We've all seen Kim, Kohler, and Courtney's three sisters squinting at each other, seeing about the drug addiction problem with Scott, and knowing Robert's weight problems and depression, Kelly and Taiga. The love between the two is basically no heat for a year.
Fans are easily attracted to these things, but Kendall Jenner did not pass any romance and rely on other people's peach news to grab the camera and improve ratings.
When it comes to sending some sexy photos, the girls of the Kardashian family are all masters. Even their 50-year-old mothers are looking for people to take pictures in the ninth season of "Sisters with Kardashian". In addition to the catwalk, I never deliberately exaggerated the point.
In addition to nature, it is clear that Kendo has not received the influence of the family.
5 Get rid of the buff of the Kardashian family and start your own business
So far, with the exception of Kendall Jenner, no one in Kardashians family can make a lot of money after leaving the reality show and the paparazzi, and only Kendall Jenna has done it.
Kendall Jenner is the second-oldest of the Kardashian family, second only to Kelly, but she succeeded in getting rid of the spotlight of "Sisters with Kardashian" and did a lot of her own things.
For many years, Kendall Jenner has been working hard to build his own modeling career and try to keep a distance from all the lace hot news in the house.
It is said that the light of the name of Kardashian was originally said to be a red model, but Kendal Jenner has an estimated annual income of up to 4 million US dollars.
Of the entire Kardashian family, only Kendall Jenner proved that her influence has long been more than just a reality show.
Its a clean stream of the Kardashian family, without quarreling or disguising .
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