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The problem of the place of delivery

Since online stores and offline international stores share the same warehouse, each customer's shipping location depends on the inventory and production type of the factory and warehouse, and our customers will receive from Japan, China (Hong Kong or China), the UK or Mascots of different warehouses and factories in the United States.
オンラインストアとオフライン国際ストアは同じ倉庫を共有しているため、各顧客の出荷場所は工場と倉庫の在庫と生産タイプによって異なり、日本、中国(香港または中国)、英国または 米国の異なる倉庫と工場のマスコット。

When you place an order, the order will enter the goods system and the branch warehouse will check the stock to get the order.
If your mascot size and color match their inventory,
We will ship the goods in the same processing time, the same packaging and the same quality according to the company's shipping rules.

This liquidity model and intelligent distribution system solve many production problems for us. At the same time, it brings in the flow of funds. At the same time, it has also avoided the stagnation caused by international conferences and trade changes in some countries. The personnel of any overseas factory are also the team of our national staff who have been trained and testified by the headquarters. Due to the dealer's background and geographical location, diversity is our advantage and inevitability.


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