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San Francisco Mascot Store was founded in 1998. We have been working hard to run offline physical stores and supply goods to online stores, factories and overseas stores around the world, providing mascots、 independent logo services and store training for our dealers. According to the latest statistics of 2018, our customers have reached millions.

 In order to make our customers more convenient and efficient to buy cheap goods, but also to avoid many fake online stores, our direct sales headquarters began to launch online goods sales.This web we have been devoted for is a trusted outlet store of mascot costume For all kinds of schools, merchants, all kinds of business events,military, church,birthday party,charity,college sports,Thanksgiving ,Halloween and Christmas.

Our headquarters is in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay.
Our main financing partners are from the United States,China HongKong, China Mainland, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. We are a fully reinforced company, our customers will not worry about our credit and after-sales.The headquarters and branches have Tens of thousands of employees. 

Company philosophy:
Make the best mascots with the softest love.
Credit and attitude are more important than everything else!
 Every customer's satisfaction and smile is our best feedback.

In the past, we have sold thousands of mascots online, and we have met different partners, customers and distributors. We have gained knowledge, friendship and growth from each other.

 To Customers who concerns of the shipping address and warehouses:
1. Please pay attention to to read this:The warehouse's customers:Since online stores and offline stores share the same warehous,
when you place an order, the order will enter into the goods system and branch warehouses will check the inventory to pick up the order.
If your mascot`s size and color are matched with their inventory,
They will ship the goods according to company shipping rules,same processing time ,same package and same quality.
This pattern of liquidity and intelligent distribution system has solved many production problems for us.At the same time, it brings in flow of funds .It also avoids the stagnation caused by international conferences and trade changes in some countries.
Above conditions have helped us to offer much cheaper price than offline stores.
Thank you for understanding this.

The place of dispatch to each customer depends on factory or warehouse `s stock and the production type to ship out stock or make new mascots for new orders.All the returns will be sent back to the original factories for destruction.
Our customers will receive mascots from different warehouses and factories in Japan, China(Hongkong or mainland),England or the United States .
No matter where the place of dispatch will be,
The processing time ,material standards for the production of good and the cost of logistics will be the same.
You will receive the same quality and same brand of goods within the time allowed.
This online store only supports online delivery. The prices of mascots on the online store are different from the prices of the offline store, so we can not support customers to pick up the goods from any entity store. Thank you for your understanding.
We might be unable to execute orders from few countries which are inconvenient to transport. Thank you for your understanding.
2.Why do we need the necessary preparation time?
Our types of mascots are updated and added every day. Each type of mascot has different materials for customers to choose, and each material and type of mascot are also made into different sizes for customers of different heights and weights. The spot and new goods use the company's Cooperated logistics.We post mascots out according to the order of mascots by fixed ship and flights. The preparation time will be the same for regular shipments, it is indispensable.If you have the necessity and urgency in getting mascots ,you can choose DHL to receive goods in one week.

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